Lapel Pins

$5 per pin. $10 for shipping up to 10 pins. Here some of the most popular:

catalogue_k015 catalogue_k016 catalogue_k028 catalogue_k037 catalogue_k042
Tubel Cain Large Square & Compass Royal Arch Triple tau Royal Arch Keystone Square & Compass on Dark Blue Enamel
catalogue_k045 catalogue_k048 catalogue_k069 catalogue_k095 catalogue_LP_Conclave
German Forget Me Not Small Square & Compass Royal Order of Scotland Square & Compass on Canadian Red Maple Leaf Conclave
catalogue_k118 catalogue_MyPin_PM_Card catalogue_MyPin_Square_Card catalogue_Lewis Jewel leather keychain catalogue_MaulKeyRing
Past Master’s Pin W.Master’s Pin & Presentation Card Past Master’s Pin &Presentation Card Lewis Jewel Keyring Maul Keyring
catalogue_MyPin_PM2_pin blue pins black pins
Past Master’s Pin
Blue Black