Grand Lodge Officer Regalia

Shown: Past-Grand Deacon Apron

Shown & Priced: Quebec Past-Grand Deacon Apron

A plain white lambskin lined with 3 1/2″ wide garter-blue edging, bound with 13mm Gold braid, Gold Lurex Fringe, Gold tassels, hand-embroidered Badge of Office.

Quebec Past-Grand Officers do not have gold-embroidered Wheat and Acacia on the garter-blue edging of the apron.

Sample Price: « Quebec Past-Grand Apron »
Full Quality Apron with Suede Fabric $250
Shipping for one Apron $36
Subtotal: $286

Options to this apron:

Provincial Grand Lodge Apron* No charge
Full” Grand Lodge-size Apron * 


No charge
* The Provincial Grand Lodge apron uses 3½-inch wide garter-blue edging. The “Full” Grand Lodge-size apron uses 4-inch wide garter-blue edging. There is no price difference.
1″ Gold Lurex Fringe. (2″ or 4″ are available) 


Included as shown 


1″, 2″ or 4″ Gold-bullion Call for price
Suede Fabric Standard
Leather +$30.00
Extra long belt No charge

Grand Officer Collars:

4-inch collar no strip down the centre (Past Officers) $57 


4-inch collar with lace strip down the centre (Current Officers) $62 


4-inch collar embroidered with Wheat & Acacia (Current Officers) $225 


Cost to ship one 4-inch collar with an apron. $15 


Cost to ship one 4-inch collar without an apron. $28.60

Past Grand Collar

Past-Grand Collar: $57

Current Grand Officer

Current Grand Officer Collar: $62

Current Grand Officer with Wheat & Acacia

Current Grand Officer Collar with Wheat & Acacia: $225

There are no other embroidery styles permitted by Constitution for Quebec.

Sitting- and Past-Grand Steward jewels are available.