Undress Grand Lodge Officer Aprons

Undress Apron: District Deputy Grand Master Apron

Undress Apron: District Deputy Grand Master Apron

Full Quality, with pocket, leather insert, Garter-Blue edging.

Price: $175.00
Less $18 if you use Suede Fabric.
$36 for shipping
Extra Long Belt available at no extra charge.

A plain white lambskin, 14-16″ wide, 12-14″ deep, lined with garter-blue, 3½ inch edging of the same colour, upon which the embroidery in the centre shall be in garter-blue … without ornamentation on the edging.

As per G.L.Q. Grand Constitution Article 121 D and applies to all Past Grand Officers, excepting a Past Grand Master, whose sun embroidery may or may not require extra embroidery cost.

The item in Quebec has gold tessals and gold double-squares. Garter-blue double-squares are possible. Please call or email me if you have specifications.