How to order?

To place an order, email me at

All orders are different. No shopping cart can handle all the details. Therefore, please think of my site as a catalogue.

Is there an item that you have not found in my catalogue? Please If it is not here yet, it may be because folks have not asked about it yet.

By all means, please telephone me at 819-569-4940. But please follow up with an email. It always helps my paper work to have an email to follow.

The good old days of a catalogue and a telephone are not dead.

How to pay?

Lodge secretaries usually pay with a Lodge cheque. Individuals usually wish to pay by credit card and or Paypal. Either works for me.

Once you are ready to order? I can set up a credit card transaction on this web site. Or you can remit by mail. I always email a detailed invoice separately for our records. I also follow up by email when your item is ready to be shipped.

When you receive your purchase, I always like to hear back from you. I especially enjoy photos of new Master Masons in their new regalia or presentations of jewels. I would very much like to start a photo album.