Making your apron all the more precise!

We hand-tailor your regalia according to your specifications. Although the design of Canadian regalia originates in the United Kingdom, each Jurisdiction has its own specifications. In the case of Ontario and Prince Edward Island, your specifications are designed right down to the millimetre. That ensures your regalia is all the more precise!

Here is an abstract from Ontario:

I. The apron shall be approximately 406 mm in width and 356 mm in depth with the triangular flap 165 mm in depth at the centre.

II. The apron shall consist of a white genuine neutralized lambskin having a border around the two sides and bottom of 51 mm sky blue corded moire ribbon. The flap shall be of the same lambskin and shall have a border around the bottom of 38 mm sky blue corded moire ribbon. The flap shall be lined with either white or sky blue material, but the apron shall be lined only in heavy quality sky blue taffeta, bengaline, satin or similar material of rich appearance. The apron and flap shall both have an interlining the full size of the apron and flap.

VI. A sky blue web belt, 32 mm in width, of rich appearing material shall Be attached to the top edge of the apron and enclosed by the top Edge ribbon binding. The belt shall be adjustable and joined Together at the left upper corner of the apron by a gold-finished Serpent fastener.