R.E.A.A. Aprons



Full Quality MM Apron with Suede Fabric, Red Buttons on Rosettes, glove pocket
Shipping for one Apron included
Subtotal without Tassals: $96
Subtotal with Tassals: $101

Suede Fabric Standard
Leather +$28.00
Silver or Gold Tessals +$5.00
Red Buttons (M.M. Aprons) Standard
Silver or Gold Rosette Buttons (M.M. Aprons) +$10.00
Silver or Gold W.M. Bars (W.M. Aprons) +$5.00
Extra long belt (For real-size Men) +$0 Option

Each Full-Quality apron includes Scarlet-Red, moiré ribbon under the flap and on the reverse backing panel: not cotton fabric. The scarlet-red belt has a snake clasp. The featured photo displays a typical R.E.A.A. apron without tessals.

How to order?

To place an order, email me at john@masonicregalia.ca.

All orders are different. No shopping cart can handle all the details. Therefore, please think of my site as a catalogue.

Is there an item that you have not found in my catalogue? Please john@masonicregalia.ca. If it is not here yet, it may be because folks have not asked about it yet.

By all means, please telephone me at 819-569-4940. But please follow up with an email. It always helps my paper work to have an email to follow.

The good old days of a catalogue and a telephone are not dead.

How to pay?

Lodge secretaries usually pay with a Lodge cheque. Individuals usually wish to pay by credit card and or Paypal. Either works for me.

Once you are ready to order? I can set up a credit card transaction on this web site. Or you can remit by mail. I always email a detailed invoice separately for our records. I also follow up by email when your item is ready to be shipped.

When you receive your purchase, I always like to hear back from you. I especially enjoy photos of new Master Masons in their new regalia or presentations of jewels. I would very much like to start a photo album.