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Lodge Badge Apron
Emblem of Office Apron
Centenary Emblem of Office Apron

Best-Quality Past Master with fringe
Best-Quality Master Mason Apron Best-Quality Centenary Apron
Best-Quality Past Master Apron Best-Quality Centenary Past Master Apron

« Best-Quality » Master Mason Apron hand-crafted in the U.K., including a pocket, a snake clasp belt with sky-blue Moiré ribbon on backing & under flap.
Full-Quality Apron with Suede Fabric, Blue Buttons & Rosettes $101
Shipping for one Apron included
Subtotal: $101

Extras to Aprons:
Suede Fabric Standard
Leather (Compulsory in Ontario) +$28.00
Silver Lace (75-year Lodges) +$28.00
Gold Lace (Lodges over 100 years old) +$28.00
Master Mason Aprons:
Blue Rosette Buttons Standard
Silver Rosette Buttons with S&C +$10.00
Gold Rosette Buttons with S&C +$10.00
Past Master Aprons:
Silver Bars +$5.00
Gold Bars +$5.00
Gold Lurex Fringe (1″ or 2″) +$28.00
Gold Bullion Fringe (1″ or 2″) Call for price
Lodge Badge (Hand-embroidered)
Office Bearers Emblems (Hand-embroidered) +$45.00
Extra long belt (For real-size Men) Free
Pocket Standard
No Pocket Option
Custom Hand-Stitched Gold-Wire Embroidery
Call for price

Emblem of Office Apron
Centenary Emblem of Office Apron

Each Full-Quality apron includes Sky-Blue moiré ribbon under the flap and on the reverse backing panel: not cotton fabric. The sky-blue belt has the snake clasp according to Constitution.

Aprons fabricated for the Ontario and the Prince Edward Island Grand Constitutions have white under the flap and on the reverse backing panel.

4-Inch Collars

4inch_collar $35 – Basic collar
$40 – Basic collar with silver/gold lace trim down the centre.
$57 – Collar with lace all around the collar (excluding down the centre)
$62 – Collar with for lace all around the collar (including down the centre)
$225 – fully embroidered Grand Lodge collar
4-inch collar with gold lace: $62 4-inch collar with silver lace: $62
4inch_collar 4inch_collar
Past-Grand Officer Collar: $57 Appointed Grand Officer Collar: $62
Elected Grand Officer Collar with Wheat & Acacia: $225
4inch_collar 4inch_collar
Past-Grand Steward Collar: $57 Current Grand Steward Collar: $62
4inch_collar 4inch_collar
Collar: $57 Collar: $62

Cost to ship one 4-inch collar with an apron: $15
Cost to ship one 4-inch collar alone: $28.60

How to order?

To place an order, email me at

All orders are different. No shopping cart can handle all the details. Therefore, please think of my site as a catalogue.

Is there an item that you have not found in my catalogue? Please If it is not here yet, it may be because folks have not asked about it yet.

By all means, please telephone me at 819-569-4940. But please follow up with an email. It always helps my paper work to have an email to follow.

The good old days of a catalogue and a telephone are not dead.

How to pay?

Lodge secretaries usually pay with a Lodge cheque. Individuals usually wish to pay by credit card and or Paypal. Either works for me.

Once you are ready to order? I can set up a credit card transaction on this web site. Or you can remit by mail. I always email a detailed invoice separately for our records. I also follow up by email when your item is ready to be shipped.

When you receive your purchase, I always like to hear back from you. I especially enjoy photos of new Master Masons in their new regalia or presentations of jewels. I would very much like to start a photo album.

Apron Belt Extender

catalogue_parts_belt_extender$20 delivered.

This is made for real-size men who need to get an apron belt to fit. It can be made for any belt-width or apron material colour. The metal parts can be silver or gold anodised.

If you are buying a new apron, do not choose this item. We will fabricate your belt to fit your waist size!