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St-François Masonic Regalia – Sherbrooke, Québec

Custom-made in the United Kingdom

Custom-made in the United Kingdom

Custom-made in the United Kingdom

Welcome to my Online Fellowship

I am very humble about how I got into the Regalia business – I feign from mixing Lodge with business. Nonetheless, I wanted St-François Masonic Regalia to fill a niche I felt the Canadian market was not serving. Today, I’m very proud of what I’ve accomplished and proud to be able to help others.

This website contains some of what I offer. If you can’t find it, ask for it. Everything is hand-made and made-to-order.

Custom-made in the United Kingdom

Custom-made in the United Kingdom

Custom-made in the United Kingdom

Hand-crafted Regalia

Hand-crafted for the Grand Director of Ceremonies of Québec

Secretary's Jewel
Customized Secretary’s Jewel with Morrison Clan Tartan
Hand-Embroidered Lodge number.

White gloves are symbolic of purity and equality; the callused hands of a labourer and the ink stained fingers of a white collar worker are on the level in gloves. Originally the glove was an integral part of a gauntlet, the cuffs and gloves were one piece. One could not remove the glove without removing the cuff. ‘Throwing down the gauntlet’ was the sign of a knightly challenge. (Reprinted with permission.)

Hand-crafted embroidery

Hand-crafted embroidery for Whiteway Lodge No. 8, G.L.N.L


Bible markers for la Loge Universalis #147 G.R.Q.

Freemasonry is as much about fellowship as it is about philosophy, isn’t it?

I admit it, I enjoy witnessing the fellowship when a new jewel is presented.

Lewis Jewel PresentationSecretary's Jewel Presentation
I deal exclusively with United Kingdom fabricators, depending upon the item. Competition is good for the the U.K. market – it keeps it healthy – one lends one-another a helping hand. I like that business Philosophy and have made it my own.

Haste ye back,

John Taylor Johnston
St-François Masonic Regalia
Sherbrooke, Québec

Lewis Jewel

Lewis Jewel Version D

Lewis Jewel: $50. delivery included. Grand-Father Bars available for no extra cost. Nickel-plated available for G.L. Vermont

The Official Past Grand Officer collar jewels of the Grand Lodge of Québec have now arrived – Les bijoux de sautoir officiels de la Grande Loge du Québec sont maintenant disponibles :

Quebec Past Grand Steward Jewel

Quebec Past Grand Deacon Jewel

Quebec Past Junior Grand Warden Jewel

Quebec Past Grand Director of Ceremonies Jewel

Cost: $50 including delivery by Canada Post.

Contact Me:

John Taylor-Johnston
St-François Masonic Regalia

265 ch Duplessis
Sherbrooke, Quebec
Canada J1E 3C9

Did you know?

In Quebec, you can now call the Info-Santé, Quebec’s Health Hotline simply by dialing 811? – Province-wide, not just within Montreal!